Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The More Unrealistic Your Expectations Are, The More Fun They Are When You Meet Them

So, right now, my goal is still to go to Hawaii, and I have to compete in triathlons to do that. Even while maintaining a full time job (or two). My priority is therefore to make training a daily activity. Yes, I have work. Yes, I have a life. Some days I'm tired and can’t get it done – everybody’s human. The important thing is that I'm learning from all of this. 
Training is going reasonably well, but travel is making it much more difficult than I anticipated. In Las Vegas, I tend to spend more time in the gym because the weather’s still cold, but I bought a new road bike and am looking forward to biking in the hills in early March. I'm thinking about hiring  a swimming coach because I need more drill training. I continue to make adjustments, but the important message in all of this is to keep on moving your priorities. You set your goal, then you manipulate your priorities.
I mentioned before that motivation comes from a goal, even if it’s small. When you were a kid, you set goals (graduating elementary school, then middle school, then high school, for example). Then you achieved them and moved onto the next one. Adults don’t do that. Children do. It's time we think more like children.
If anyone reading this blog doubts that I'm going to Hawaii, you shouldn’t be reading it. I’m going. It may take me a year, or 2, or even 15. But I am going. I think that Nike ad is really what it’s all about. Stop making excuses and "just do it." Make unrealistic expectations of yourself. The more unrealistic they are, the more fun they are when you achieve them. I have just as much heart now as I did before, and, yes, I'm finding training to be difficult at times. But struggle is good. It’s not always easy, but sometimes it’s more fun if it’s not easy, because then you have to dig deep. My high school football coach, Tony Verducci said, "No many how many hundred-yard sprints I make you do, you’ve always got another one in you, and the next one may be the fastest in your life." That’s true abnout life in general. Use this opportunity to rekindle some of your childhood goals, and achieve them.